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Marching band shows are a fusion of music and performance, but too often they prioritize one or the other. Marching Monk is known for creating harmony between visual design and musical quality by producing outstanding coordinated concepts that will leave you breathless! With our comprehensive conceptual design service, we oversee and manage all aspects of show design including:


    • conceptualization
    • brainstorming
    • planning of effects
    • musical selection
    • design of the musical and visual elements


By letting us “sweat the details” of your concept and design, you can focus on the performance aspects of your organization.

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Our Comprehensive Conceptual Design Service includes:

Initial Consultation: We will learn about your performance goals, discuss any show ideas you have (if any), assess student ability levels, and take an inventory of your equipment (e.g., instruments, effects).


Show Formulation: We will formulate the overall concept based on what we learn in the initial consultation. We’ll keep in touch with you throughout the process, ask for your input, and incorporate your ideas wherever possible (see Program Coordination).


Show Summary: For us, this is the intensive work phase of the conceptual process. We will produce a detailed show summary that includes:


    • a show title
    • a concept mission statement to guide and unify the designers
    • a listing of all musical selections
    • a timeline of each production—what happens and when
    • a detailed explanation of effect including musical effects, visual effects, coordinated effects, color guard effects (e.g., equipment possibilities, flag design concepts, colors, costuming), staging considerations, body movement/dance concepts, and narration possibilities
    • suggestions for prop utilization


Clarity of intent is the key to success in anything we do at Marching Monk. From pre-design process, through musical arrangements and visual design – clarity of intent guides us every step along the way.


It is important to answer a series of questions before any musical note or rhythm gets typed into the computer.


    • Is the concept simple, strong, and effective?
    • Does it maximize your program’s strengths?
    • Does it use all available tools (e.g., electronics, props, unique percussion instruments)?
    • Is the concept fresh, unique, and creative?
    • Will the conceptual intent be appreciated and admired by all—the football crowd, competition crowd, judges, your students, you?


It is our goal to create a concept that will be talked about long after the performance is over.

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If you have already chosen a show and design, Marching Monk can oversee and consult your staff to enhance consistency and elements coordination.


We can work with your concept (or help you develop your concept) and handle everything else to produce the final product.


Once your marching band show is done, we can evaluate it objectively. We’ll offer tips on how to improve your show each week based on the videos you send us.


  • Develop, tweak and maximize your general effect moments
  • Tighten up your musical ensemble and eliminate “phasing”
  • Enhance your visual production with band movements, visuals, and horn lifts
  • Fix problems or make needed changes


The best way to ensure that the intent of your choreography is fully realized, it’s important to engage actual designers. Available on a daily or weekly basis, their expertise and pedagogy can be highly rewarding for both you students and staff members as they offer valuable critique while rehearsing with them. By maximizing the show’s potential through this collaboration, performance levels are sure to increase!


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